Marketing and Distribution

India's growing economy and the fast rate of develoment present a very attractive opportunity for foreign companies to do business in India. GRD acts as a facilitator in bringing these foreign companies in India by successfully generating business with public sector and private companies. GRD specializes in sales promotions of commodities and equipments which entail the use of latest technology to meet the challenges faced by global companies in a developing economy.

Products being marketed :

  • SYSTEM2 is a R&D company and is the innovator of the revolutionary explosive test kit and the new liquid explosive kit. GRD represents System Two for sales and matrketing of its products in Middle East and South Asian region.

  • Bridge&Roof Co. India Limited established in 1920, Bridge & Roof is a public enterprise under the Government of India. Utilising the most modern construction equipment and technology, Bridge & Roof has attained a annual turn over of INR 1300 crores in 2012-13. GRD has entered into MoU with Bridge & Roof for a business development in the Middle East and African countries.

  • IMFPL (International Mega Food Park Ltd.) situated in Punjab as a multidimensional food processing infrastructure facility, with an objective of "From Plough To Plate". GRD has tied up with IMFPL to market the various food products in Middle East and Africa.